Birmingham Bonus Bucks


The Birmingham Bonus Bucks program has ended. Shoppers - please note you have until July 25th to spend your Birmingham Bonus Bucks. Don't let them expire! Thank you for the overwhelming customer support throughout the Old Woodward Reconstruction Project. Please continue to support Birmingham businesses during the final weeks of construction.

Information for Merchants - Download a Merchant Instruction Sheet here.

- When you receive Birmingham Bonus Bucks, immediately write your store name and date on each BBB. Please note customers will be submitting Birmingham Bonus Bucks from both the initial program and from phase two.  Blue BBBs have a $20 value and yellow BBBs have a $10 value.

- Birmingham Bonus Bucks will be numbered and embossed – they should only be redeemed by merchants if they have the proper markings on them. Please note all Birmingham Bonus Bucks expire on July 25, 2018.

- Merchants will bring collected BBBs to the BSD office. The BSD will record the number of BBBs redeemed at each store and will process reimbursement checks monthly.

- Birmingham Bonus Bucks must be turned in to the BSD office by August 15th for reimbursement – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Questions should be directed to the BSD at 248-530-1200. 

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